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That Black Stuff, Black Plastic Trim Restorer is no ordinary coating, its a revolutionary, breakthrough acrylic polymer, to permanently bond to your cars faded trim, and restores it to a deep black look.

You can use That Black Stuff anywhere to instantly restore your faded black trim, or change the color, on any plastic, rubber, leather, metal, or vinyl, anywhere in your vehicle, motorcycle, boat or RV.

That Black Stuff is a permanent high tech coating that won't wash off.

How To Apply That Black Stuff

  • DIRECTIONS: SHAKE WELL, clean area thoroughly to remove any silicones, grease, contaminants.
  • Mask with tape if required to keep off adjoining area's.
  • Apply thin coats with a sponge or lint free towel/cloth until desired coverage is achieved.
  • Let air dry completely between coats.
  • Do not apply under 60 F. or wash for 24 hours, full cure 3-5 days.

4 oz. bottle contains 3.25 Fl Oz, Enough to do 1-2 Normal Vehicles Trim

8 oz. bottle contains 7 Fl Oz. Enough to do 2-3 Normal Vehicles or about 2 trucks trim.

16 oz. bottle contains 15 Fl Oz. Enough to do 3-8 Normal Vehicles or about 2-3 trucks trim. Professional Car Lot/Detailer Size.

As an example the Chevrolet Avalanche has the most plastic trim of ANY vehicle. It required about 12 ounces for 2 coats.